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09:36am 31/08/2002
  Oh, sheesh. I just woke up about 15 minutes ago, and I thought I would come on here and start writing....but my brain is still asleep. I can't think of anything too say. Maybe type that first sentence will help jump start the whole process. I'm gonna have Cinamon Roll Oatmeal for breakfast. Good Stuff. I heard that Mike Meyers in gonna play The Cat In The Hat, in the movie of the same name. Intereting. I ALSO just saw that there is a short Monsters Inc. film coming out called "Mike's New Car". Interesting. I have all my stuff moved into my new place and put away. I have a couple more boxes that are in storage that I should pick up. I think I need to find an art or poter store, so I can decorate my walls. They are bare. Does anyone know of a good one? online or not. Okay, well, luckily I have not had to experience the horror of seeing my naked neighbors again, so lets hope my good fortune continues through the holliday weekend. :)  
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06:18pm 29/08/2002
  Well, after an extended absense and a move, I am back to posting again...hopefully it sticks this time. ;) We'll see. I live across town from where I was. I think i like both neighborhoods equally...but this one is a tad better as it doesn't come with those freaky roommates/couple/not-a-couple living across the street from me. ;) I am actually missing the entertainment they provided, in a weird way. Huh. I've been playing War Craft 3. I like it. The Tauren are pretty cool. It's too bad they're not a playable race. Job is still the same as what my bio says. What else is knew...*shrugs* not a whole lot. I saw my neighbors in their backyard yesterday....They were naked, reading the newspaper. :S Suffice it to say, I think I have nudists for neighbors. I guess that is what I get for living in Berkely..;) Is it just me, or is that fountain thing with the bears at the bottom of the hill really freaking weird? Someone from Berkely would know what I am talking about. I don't know what street that is, but it's a white fountain thing and you drive around it. It has these 4 little bears on it, but they don't look like bears...they look like...i don't know...creepy things. Heh...anyways, glad I don't live near there. Someone told me that some kind of truck or something...a milk truck or an ambulance...crashed into it a long time ago and they rebuilt it...ANYWAYS, enough about the scary creepy bear things. So, yeah..hi, hello...I'm back. :) Drop me a line a re-introduce yourselves..;)  
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Springsteen and the rain...nice mix   
01:54pm 13/07/2002
  So, folks...i am back after having my computer totally go bonkers. It was so bad, that I had to just buy a new one. I won't go into details, 'cause it's boring, but I am back now, and with a great new computer...that works! It's raining, and I am listening to ...well, it was Bruce Springsteen, but now it's weezer. I hope no one is bothered that I have been adding them to my friends list, even though I don't really know them. I know I couple people have inquired about where I found them, so I appologize if it bothers you. Let me know and I will remove you. I think everyone I have added is cool with it though, so no biggie. I had some Cranberry Crunk cereal for breakfast today. It was yummy. Life as a House is a good flick. I liked it. Brought a tear to me eye, actually. Sad, but happy. Ya know? :)  
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Midsummer's Night   
03:42am 18/06/2002
mood: cranky
I just woke up from a deeeeeeeeeeeep sleep. I heard the "roommates" across the street having sex. They Woke ME UP. How the hell is that possible? Are they right outside my window? I don't think it should be possible for me to hear them all the way over here, unless they are using microphones to amplify their moans....*shrugs* Hopefully someone complains, because there are kids in the neighborhood that really shouldn't be exposed to that kind of thing...*shrugs* I'm tired...back to sleep....
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Starshine, when you gonna find me?   
05:45pm 13/06/2002
mood: calm
I am watching the neighbor kids play in the sprinkler. Their mom had to run to the grocery store, and asked me to keep watch for 15 minutes. No problem. It's farely nice out right now. I like this weather.The guy across the street is fighting with his roommate again. Those two should never have bought a house together. She is way to uptight about things, and he isn't quite uptight enough. To make things worse, i think they sleep together all the time, despite the fact that they both appear to have significant others. Sheeesh...she just threw a tomatoe from their garden at him! lol...they came running out of the back yard and she just hucked it at him as he ran towards the front door. These people. Luckily, they are the only freaks on this block. Everyone else is cool. The guy that lives in the house behind mine, Tommy, cut down the trees that seperated our backyards. that's fine, cause the fence is still there. We have easier access to his pool this way..;)I hope his band rehearsals won't be louder with the trees gone...HMmm...well, Looks like the neighbor kids mom is back. I am gonna go inside and finish watching my baseball game. Cheers.
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The dawn of a new era   
05:15pm 13/06/2002
mood: artistic
Well, I have created my new journal. I trashed the other one. Too many unpleasnat memories. Out with the old, in with the new. Most of my old friends are gone, so I will have to slowly fid new ones...That's a good thing.